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K9 Cleanups

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Riley & Bella

We offer weekly cleanup services.

Winter service only runs through Oct 1- March 31st.

Spring Cleanups and Special Occasion cleanup service starts at $49.95 and up for 1 Dog each additional Dog please add $10.00 First scooping may be higher priced due to excess poopy accumulation if your yard has not been scooped regularly.

All below pricing reflects poopy pickup, bagged and taken away. We do have a $2.50 Discount if you choose to NOT have it taken away and placed into your trash receptacle.

All Prices are based on an average size yard "1/2 TO 3/4 Acre scooped weekly for 1 Dog.

Please add $3.00 for each additional dog per week.

Please remember some months have 5 weeks.

1 Dog Weekly: $15.00

2 Dogs Weekly: $18.00

3 Dogs Weekly: $21.00

4 Dogs Weekly: $24.00 Etc...

You can pay your bill securely and conveniently by credit card using Pay Pal just click the "PayNow" button Please.

Thank You for choosing K9 Cleanups,
Always have a Happy Day!

Jim & Karen